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  • Sintered mechanical
    components production
  • Sintering furnaces
    with controlled atmosphere and temperature
  • wide variety of machines
  • Internal quality lab


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Production process


From metal powder, through a process of pressing and the following heating in furnaces with controlled atmosphere and temperature, sintering is able to realize products with specific mechanical characteristics.

 A good design is basic to obtain unique advantages peculiar of Powder metallurgy; therefor, close collaboration between the manufacturer of the parts and our designers is required




Our mission is based on mutual trust:

  • ensure loyalty to our Customer
  • ensure flexibility in all projects to gain benefits to us and to our Customer
  • provide care in all activities
  • provide profitable services
  • provide custom solutions

The passion we put in our work contributes to our Company’s growth and to establish a trusting relationship with our Customers.


About us

Born in 1963, Sinteris Spa is specialized in sintered mechanical components production. Leaded by a young and dynamic – but also experienced – management, our Company is able to react quickly to market changes.

Attention to Customer needs, extreme flexibility in production and focus on continuous improvement are the basis on which our policy is founded.


We have a great variety of machines: 24 compaction presses, from 4 up to 630 tons, 5 sizing presses, from 100 up to 300 tons, 3 sintering furnaces, up to 600 Kg/h and two lathes with automatic load and rough stock


 More than 50 years of experience in Powder Metallurgy assure Sinteris a solid base to start from, to sustain daily comparison with technological progress. Skills acquired in the past represent the premise that allows to keep up with the times, keeping an open vision to innovation and to the search of new solutions. Today's goal is the starting point for tomorrow.